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Matt & Alex Sign a Paid Option Deal for their Feature Thriller/Horror Script 'Crate'

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Neither of us came to Los Angeles with industry connections. We made our way through the rigorous USC Masters Cinema-Television program, forming relationships and honing our craft. Like many emerging screenwriters, we had numerous instances of almost selling a movie script. Thankfully with CRATE, we have landed a deal that looks to be moving forward and have already received our option fee.

Coverfly seemed like a great way to summarize and showcase all the awards that we had accumulated for many of our screenplays. Not only does it provide a link to share our awards with industry professionals, Coverfly even assigns a score to the script that grows with every contest success. Eventually, we landed on Coverfly's prestigious "Red List" as the #6 top horror of the year, which led to even more outreach attention from the industry.

Once our script CRATE made Coverfly's Red List as the #6 top horror of the year, we began to receive several read requests from industry professionals. Eventually, Coverfly referred us to Wavelets Entertainment. They were looking for contained thriller/horror feature scripts like CRATE to produce for domestic release in China, followed by a global release on streaming platforms. After a few telemeetings, we were fortunate to secure an up front paid option deal, and the rest is history.


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