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An Update on Blogs

AGP shares a 2023 update on his future blog entries.

Hello and thank you to everyone who indulges my occasional musings. Yes, it's a bit meta to draft up a blog entry simply about one's own blog entries, but I felt I owed my audience—how ever paltry it may be—a long overdue update, especially given the gap between my last blog and this present entry.

For starters, the whole reason I launched this blog section of my website was to keep my writing skills sharp between or even during (as procrastination warrants) my screenwriting endeavors with my writing partner Matt. It was meant to be an exercise, and if it happened to attract a certain fanbase or even the interest of friends and family, great! But I wasn't counting on it either. I'm not looking to attract advertisers or blow up into the opinion section of the LA Times. I'm just simply of the mind that writing is a muscle that needs to be flexed regularly. Even when I read and comment on my college students' academic papers, I'm aware that on some level I'm also working out that part of my brain.

As to why I've fallen a bit behind on the blog front, I can only plead no contest. Truthfully, I have so many topics in mind that I would love to explore, but I also am following up one of my most emotionally exhausting entries ever: "The Long Goodbye" about my late great friend Kevin Long. I probably just needed to remind myself that not every piece needs to pull at the tautest heart strings.

The other reason is simply because Matt and I have been diligently working on new material this past year, including a TV pilot, feature script and revisions of previous work. The industry just returned from two long and hard-fought strikes launched by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. In the absence of any progress on our optioned projects (namely HEARD, CRATE and IMPULSE CONTROL), we felt the need to really delve in to our writing and stay proactive all summer and fall long. We wanted to come out of the strikes with new and revised material ready to share with the industry, and I'm thankful to report that we succeeded.

Now that I have some downtime moving into the holiday season, I do have plans for at least one (if not more) entries in these final weeks of 2023, and hopefully much more in 2024. I appreciate everyone's continued support reading my eclectic ramblings and look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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